About IFA

Our Vision

We aim to be the most internationally respected independent authority on the subject of Airworthiness.

IFA uniquely combines together all those with responsibility for policies, principles and practices concerned with the continuing airworthiness of civil transport aircraft throughout the world.International

IFA is truly international:

  • Although headquartered in the UK, IFA serves members globally.
  • Vice Presidents for the Americas, Asia and Australasia.
  • Forums and Workshops held in different locations around the world.


A unique strength of IFA is our ability to think and speak impartially on airworthiness issues:

Non Governmental Organisation (NGO)

  • Non-political
  • Charity (UK-registered, No. 296354)
  • Membership is open to any person or organisation with a passion for airworthiness.
  • Funded by membership subscriptions, sponsorship and a Trust Fund.
  • Run by volunteer members for the members (the only paid staff is the secretariat).

Our Values

  • We will represent and involve members in the formulation of policies and practices, which by continually improving the airworthiness of aircraft will improve the already safe operation of aircraft in service and those about to enter service.
  • We will recruit the widely experienced members to our working Groups and Committees and encourage the involvement of younger members in these groups to increase their knowledge base.
  • Members of the Committees will be actively involved in the collaborative forums between the regulatory forming bodies and industry stakeholders, to ensure that an unbiased technical contribution is made on behalf of the membership, in order to influence positively the safety of aviation.
  • We will share our technical knowledge through the Forums we arrange worldwide, in our Newsletters, White Papers, the IFA Website and Annual Report.
  • We will facilitate active involvement of our membership in regulatory and advisory bodies.
  • We will promote actively the involvement of young people at an early stage of their careers in the development of thinking through our Student and Apprentices scheme and involvement with Universities, Societies and other training bodies.
  • We will always act with integrity in our investigations, reports, white papers and involvement in the industry debates and will always present an unbiased technical opinion on all aspects of aviation safety related to airworthiness.
  • We will continue to develop our Scholarships and Award opportunities to encourage active participation in Airworthiness subjects