Whittle Safety Award

IFA established the IFA Whittle Safety Award to honour the global aerospace community’s most outstanding achievements in the field of air safety.

The Federation’s award provides recognition at an international level.

The award honours the work of Sir Frank Whittle, father of the jet engine.

It can be awarded for a single outstanding contribution or achievement, a major technical innovation, long and valued service, or for work that will further advance the safety of aircraft.

Any member of the IFA can nominate any individual, group or organisation worldwide for the Safety Award. All members have an important and responsible part to play in identifying those deserving special recognition.

The IFA awards panel will assess the nominations and propose a winner which will be ratified by the IFA Board.

Sir Frank WhittleSir Frank Whittle was an English aviation engineer and pilot. He is regarded as the father of modern jet propulsion systems and recognised as a co-inventor of the jet engine. The modern turbojet engine used in many aircraft is based on the concept that he invented. The jet engine has advanced aviation to where it is today and as such IFA was pleased to recognise Sir Frank Whittles contribution to the development of aviation and named their annual Safety Award in his honour.

The winners are presented with a medal and framed certificate